Automated Systems

ROCKLABS® design and build site-specific automated sample preparation systems that combine several machines and devices and allow for multiple samples or batches to be loaded at the same time. Automation ensures minimal operator intervention, reducing handling errors and saving travel times between processing stages.

AP1000 R

The AP1000 R Robotic System is designed to process up to 800 samples per day with an input sample weight between 800g and 10kg and a maximum particle size of 60mm.

This system has designed to produce a final product of 300g sample (particle size of 95% -75microns) plus a 300g retained sample with the balance to waste. It utilises ROCKLABS universally-accepted products including the BOYD® Crusher, LSD (Linear Sample Divider) and Auto Batch Mill with automated cleaning cycle. An ABB robot is used to load and retrieve sample bins from various positions within the system.

System for Blast Hole and R.C. samples

  • Full automation - from sample weighing, coding and data entry through crushing, splitting, pulversing processes and loading of processed samples into empty sample bins
  • Programmed to calculate varying crushing times which determines the loading sequence.