Combo Systems

In a ROCKLABS® customisable Combo System, two or more machines or devices are connected within a single compact machine allowing multiple sampling steps to be combined into one process. ROCKLABS industry-specific range of Combo Systems are designed to reduce human handling errors and increase sample output while improving sample quality and easing labour costs.

Smart BOYD® Linear Sample Divider SBLSD

The ROCKLABS Smart BOYD LSD combo combines the BOYD Crusher with a Linear Sample Divider (LSD) controlled by a Programmable Logic System (PLC) allowing an operator to pre-weigh samples and select the suitable split weights. It is capable of variable splits in one pass.

The Smart BOYD LSD achieves a higher degree of splitting accuracy and is able to split smaller samples with the same accuracy as larger samples. The operator can select two splits of different weights as well as a retained waste sample.

The combo can be equipped with a barcode scanner, have pre-set splitting programs and retain data/sample logging details.

  • No manual split adjustment
  • Less operator input
  • Optional waste feeder
BOYD Crusher Linear Sample Divider (LSD)
Specifications Motor power 5.5kW, 3 phase 0.09kW, 3 phase
Maximum input lump size 50mm 10mm
Product size -2mm (+80%) n/a
Width x Height x Depth 694 x 1440 x 1070mm 380 x 816 x 792mm
Weight 610kg 110kg
Jaw width 300mm n/a
Dust extraction 1 extraction port available (Ø50mm) 1 extraction port available (Ø50mm)
Options - Raiser Platform & Stairs
- Manual Sample Lifting Arm
- Automated Dumpmaster Lifter & Large Capacity Hopper
- Waste feeders or conveyor interface
- Waste Sample Bagger
- Data Logging Software
- Keyboard & Barcode Scanner
- Sample 1 Bin
- Sample 2 Bin, or Bypass bin for single splitting
- Waste Bin (or bypass bin for waste feeder/conveyor options)
- Split configuration & weight or % selection are adjustable in software
Warranty ROCKLABS Smart BOYD LSD combo is sold with a 2000 operating hours or one year warranty (whichever comes first), covering all parts (excluding wear parts) and labour if used under normal laboratory conditions.
Patents AUS 642557, NZ 236263, USA 5,603,555, CAN 2,056,603, GER P4139093.8-23
Wear Plates High Chrome Iron The wear plates are very resistant to abrasion. In many laboratories one set of plates will last for more than 1 year. Jaw plates can be turned top to bottom to extend the life.
Standard deviation of samples %
Dividing Cone and quartering 6.810
Scoop sampling 5.140
Riffle splitting 1.010
Table sampling 2.090
Rotating splitting 0.125
Random variation 0.076
Smart BOYD LSD Control Console
Shipping Dimensions Width x Height x Depth 1400 x 1900 x 1400mm 1300 x 1600 x 900mm
Weight 910kg 226kg