Mechanised Systems

ROCKLABS® Mechanised Sample Preparation Systems combine a number of machines and devices enabling sample preparation to be carried out with a single operator and minimal supervision. In a mechanised system, a single sample travels downwards through one machine to another, and an operator must perform any setting changes. These systems are ideal for laboratories that process 100 to 300 samples per day.


The ROCKLABS AP200 enables samples to be processed safely, efficiently and consistently at pre-determined specifications resulting in enhanced analytical data.

Designed to process up to 200 samples per day, the AP200 is comprised of a sample lifter, touch-screen control console, crushing-splitting tower, sample and waste removal conveyors and a Continuous Ring Mill combo with built-in Rotating Sample Divider (CRM – RSD) for pulverizing-splitting.

  • Includes a BOYD® Crusher and Linear Sample Divider
  • CRM – RSD with a double tiered head provides a fine product and accurate split
  • Sensor used to maintain safety and control various moving components
  • Processing controlled by a PLC for pre-determining processing parameters
Specifications Maximum input weight Up to 15kg
Production rate Up to 15 samples per hour: average 4 - 5 minutes per sample
Product size -2mm (+80%)
Maximum input lump size Up to 55mm
Crushed product size 3mm
Final output size 95% passing 100┬Ám
System Dimensions Length x Height x Width 4330 x 3070 x 3240mm