Mechanised Systems

ROCKLABS® Mechanised Sample Preparation Systems combine a number of machines and devices enabling sample preparation to be carried out with a single operator and minimal supervision. In a mechanised system, a single sample travels downwards through one machine to another, and an operator must perform any setting changes. These systems are ideal for laboratories that process 100 to 300 samples per day.


The ROCKLABS Timan Mechanical System features two crushing stages with a sample divider at the end in order to save time and reduce manual handling of samples.

The Timan System incorporates a Big BOYD® Crusher at the front end to crush samples to 10mm and a BOYD Crusher and Rotary Sample Divider (RSD) to combine crushing and splitting in a single process. It is capable of processing 50kg 150mm NTS samples in ten minutes. The sample is collected in a sample bin, and the waste in a large sample container.

  • Sample loading devices designed to handle heavy samples
  • Mechanical lifters to transfer samples into crushers
  • Easily expandable to incorporate pulverising
Specifications Maximum input weight Up to 50kg
Production rate Up to 300kg per hour
Primary crusher maximum input lump size Up to 150mm
Primary crushed lump size 10mm
Secondary crushed product size 3mm
Split 1500g from 50kg; approx. 3% split
System Dimensions Length x Height x Width 4400 x 3200 x 1800mm