Standard Equipment

ROCKLABS® are world leaders in the development of high quality, low maintenance sample preparation equipment for the mineral and metals industry. Our products are the industry standard in crushing, splitting, dividing and pulversing equipment and are built to last using the highest quality componentry.

Gravity Gold Concentrator GGC

The ROCKLABS Gravity Gold Concentrator delivers a more accurate analysis of coarse gold samples, resulting in higher yields and less waste.

Designed to eliminate the issues associated with achieving accurate analysis of coarse gold samples, the Gravity Gold Concentrator separates out the true gold from a sample allowing for better grade control and optimisation of the production process. The GGC can take samples up to 10kg and separate out the coarse gold, resulting in a smaller sample for analysis.

  • Only one assay required
  • Continuous processing
  • Rapid turnaround of samples
  • Greater efficiencies in the overall production process
Specifications Width x Height x Depth 2090 x 1260 x 960mm
Weight 430kg