Standard Equipment

ROCKLABS® are world leaders in the development of high quality, low maintenance sample preparation equipment for the mineral and metals industry. Our products are the industry standard in crushing, splitting, dividing and pulversing equipment and are built to last using the highest quality componentry.

Bench Top Rotating Sample Divider BTRSD

ROCKLABS Rotating Sample Dividers (RSDs) are designed to split out a representative proportion of a sample with a high degree of dividing accuracy. The design is robust and the machinery easy to operate.

The Bench Top RSD provides the same results in a compact unit designed to sit on a work bench. It can be used in conjunction with a Bench Top Ring Mill.

  • Accurate representative split of any proportion (from 2% to 50%)
  • Two representative splits: sample and remainder
  • Sealed bearings
Specifications Motor power 0.1kW, single phase
Maximum input particle size 10mm
Width x Height x Depth 600 x 557 x 496mm
Weight 85kg
Hopper capacity 5kg
Dust extraction n/a
Options n/a
Warranty ROCKLABS Bench Top RSD is sold with a 2000 operating hours or one year warranty (whichever comes first), covering all parts (excluding wear parts) and labour if used under laboratory conditions.
Comments on taking
a representative split
Taking a representative split from a large sample is not as simple as many people believe. Rolling on a mat, multiple grabs or riffle splitting do not produce accurate results. A classic study* conducted at Bradford University demonstrated that a rotating sample divider provided the best results.
* Critical evaluation of powder sample procedures. Allen T and Khan A. A, The chemical Engineer, May 1979, pp108 - 112
Standard deviation of samples %
Dividing Cone and quartering 6.810
Scoop sampling 5.140
Riffle splitting 1.010
Table sampling 2.090
Rotating splitting 0.125
Random variation 0.076
Shipping Dimensions Width x Height x Depth 825 x 730 x 605mm
Weight 100kg